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From Rejection to Jesus

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My name is Stacey & I have been saved for 9 months. My early childhood was a tough time. I grew up in a family where I was physically abused by both parents as well as my brother. I would often get dragged around by my hair and punched in the head. Sometimes it was so severe that my school teachers would see me covered in bruises and I would make up excuses because I didn’t want people to know. My parents told me they hated me and didn’t want me because I didn’t have a disability which would have helped them claim more benefits.

When I was 9 years old my Uncle started sexually abusing me for 2 years. When my parents out found out, they blamed me, calling me every name under the sun. When I was age 12, we moved back to Preston. As I was getting older I thought the abuse would stop, but it continued, only this time I spent all of my time in my room as my family couldn’t stand the sight of me. It felt as if everything was building up to this one particular day. On this day, one thing happened after another. I was beaten up by my parents and my brother followed their lead and started throwing darts at my knees. I remember going to the bathroom crying, thinking of ways to commit suicide. At that point, my brother walked into the bathroom, pinned me to the floor and started raping me. I cried out aloud for help and my mother came in and saw what was happening, but left as if she hadn’t seen anything. I thought life couldn’t get any worse but I was wrong.

Soon after this experience, things changed and I went to live with my disabled nan. I loved living with her as I knew for the first time in my life I was safe. As the pieces were starting to come back together my life was shattered when my nan died. She told me never to go back to my family. Feeling scared, lost and lonely I ran away and hid at Preston docks and hoped no one would find me. The police found me and I was taken to live with some relatives. But my parents came to visit them and they forced me to return home and the abuse started all over again.

The day I turned 16 I left home and never returned. Social Services put me in a women’s refuge in Burnley. By now I was self-harming, drinking and fighting. I got pregnant and miscarried. I was sleeping around, taking drugs and drinking every night. When I was 18, I met Amelia’s father. One day I came across a medical card that stated he was Hepatitis B positive. At that time I found out I was pregnant and I miscarried again. The doctors told me I was lucky not to have Hepatitis B as my body was too weak to fight off the illness. I found my boyfriend taking Heroin in my bathroom and he started becoming violent towards me.

I was 21 years old when I became pregnant again by him but this time I made sure I kept the baby as I was convinced it would help him change but he didn’t. I became pregnant again with my second child (Amelia). Social Services got involved when he started being violent again and I left, taking Amelia with me to a refuge in Pendle. The council wanted to take my baby from me. Court hearings soon started and not long after the judge decided that it would be best for Amelia to stay in my care. At this point I knew there was someone out there looking out for me, because I couldn’t explain what had happened.

reallife1One day a friend invited me to the Potter House church and I instinctively knew something was different. I never had a church upbringing, I knew nothing of God yet something was pulling on my heart. Pastor gave a call, asking if anyone wanted to accept Jesus and I raised my hand and gave my life to Jesus. I came in carrying the weight of my past but by the time I had left that service the weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I got baptised in water and then got filled with the Holy Spirit, I can remember speaking in tongues for the first time! I don’t know what love is and here was someone I didn’t know, showing me the greatest symbol of love that I could have ever known – Jesus dying on the cross for me. I’ve never had a family that loved me but now I have Gods amazing family.

reallife2Since getting saved I feel so happy, free & delivered. I am loved & accepted. Since I got saved, I can joyfully say, I haven’t self-harmed, pastor prayed for Amelia and she got healed from Asthma, I started my education & passed my exams, my friend Olivia came to church gave her life to Jesus then we got baptised together and today I moved into my first new house! Jesus has done so much for me. If Jesus can do it for me he can do it for you. He makes all things new.

Why not get in touch we can help you find the hope & healing you need in JESUS NAME. If you want what Stacey has, pray the prayer below & give us a call!