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Conflict Resolution Letter

Dear Pastor,

For many years there has been a process whereby conflicts in our Fellowship can be resolved. These are summarized by an open letter from Pastor Mitchell to all Fellowship churches that should be displayed prominently on your Notice Board. This letter is to set in place a structure whereby the issues of relationship conflict or abuse involving pastors and their congregations, pastors and their fellow pastors, and any conflict between pastors and leadership, in the British Fellowship can be resolved.

In the local church, if a member has a grievance to be heard against a pastor, Matt 18:15-20 would be the procedure;


1. To meet alone with the pastor and seek a resolution.

2. If there is no resolution, then they should request a hearing before the ChurchCouncil with the pastor present.


3. If the issue is still not resolved, then a written request can be made to his mother church pastor or Pastor Nigel Brown.


Pastor Brown and/or the mother church pastor or a delegated area leader will meet with the pastor, the Church Council, and the party in conflict, in order to resolve the conflict.

At any stage in the process, if someone is unwilling to meet personally to seek resolution, they cannot request any further hearings.

In case of a problem with a pastor and another pastor, or a pastor and his mother church pastor, a written request can be made to Pastor Brown to delegate either one or two Area Leaders to meet with the pastors in conflict and resolve the issue and/or to meet with them himself to achieve resolution.

Pastor Brown remains in submission to his pastors, Pastor Greg Mitchell and Pastor Daryl Elliot, his local church council for local matters, and should the need arise on a higher level, a Board of Elders can be summoned to bring him any advice, correction, or discipline. The board is comprised of Joe Campbell, Mark Aulson, Kevin Foley, Tom Payne, Harold Warner, Richard Rubi and Paul Stephens. These men have the authority to resolve any conflicts that may affect our Fellowship on an International level. They can convene a meeting with any of the International Leaders to resolve disputes and set in order matters to ensure an ongoing flow of our ministry.

In the UK, under the direction of Pastor Brown, along with the Senior Pastor of the Rotherhithe London Congregation and/ or current recognised Leaders in the UK, a pastor may be summonsed for doctrinal error, moral indiscretion, or whose conduct is causing disruption in the British Fellowship to receive advice, correction, or discipline. Their decisions on the local British level will be binding and final.

It is important that you post this letter, as well as the letter from Pastor Mitchell, in your church where members of the congregation may see it and understand the issues.



Pastor Nigel Brown 30th March 2023

Image by Sunguk Kim
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